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London is the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom. The city stands on the River Thames in the south-east of England, at the head of its 50-mile estuary leading to the North Sea, London has been a major settlement for two millennia. Londinium was founded by the Romans. The City of London, London's ancient core and financial center − an area of just 1.12 square miles and colloquially known as the Square Mile − retains boundaries that closely follow its medieval limits. The adjacent City of Westminster is an Inner London borough and has for centuries been the location of much of the national government. Thirty-one additional boroughs north and south of the river also comprise modern London. London is governed by the mayor of London and the London Assembly.

London is a very expensive city as a citizen and tourist, according to a report published on by Clive Martin

"Unsurprisingly, London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Despite high prices for nearly everything, professionals may find London to be a smart choice due to the high salaries offered. Rent and travel expenses are some of the largest bills for most Londoners. Due to England being geographically removed from the rest of the world, many goods are imported and pay the relevant increase in price."


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Current Employee - Editor says

"Considering the overpriced nature of Turtl’s pointless tools, I’m assuming most will find the company unhelpful. The CEO’s misplaced self-assurance and reliance on cod-psychology waffle grows tedious, quickly."

Current Employee - Researcher says

"This place is a terrible employer"

Former Employee - Google Cloud Manager says

"From my experience in Google Cloud specifically (can’t speak on other parts of Google), it had all the symptoms of a toxic environment and an unhealthy workplace. It was quite shocking to see and not what you would expect from Google. I was also very surprised as not many reviews on Glassdoor reflected this. In short, there was an abundance of crazy workloads, no work-life balance, poor morale, very aggressive people, strong argument culture (lots of tearing others down), destructive gossip, very political, poor leadership, poor communication, chaos and disorganisation. In more detail: 1. Workloads were very intense with impossible targets and no work-life balance. From what I’ve experienced, the morale was very poor. Employees felt very miserable, were in high stress all the time, were overworked and almost never took holidays. And if they did took holidays, it was very common for them to be working during their time off (often not by choice, but because of the high pressure and intense workload). As much as people loved working for Google (massive brand), not many employees had many positive things to say about being in Google Cloud, but most would endure because of the brand. Constant complaining and venting were very common. Breaking down and crying in the office were also common. It was widely known and acknowledged that this was a problem but for years, not much has been done to correct and the situation remained the same. 2. I was also quite shocked by the style of working. Yes, you do work with very smart people, however, many were also very aggressive. It was their style to get things done and it was what had worked for them. Many others were just good ‘talkers’, but were not good at actually doing things or making things happen. If you’re dependent on them to hit your targets in a high pressure environment, it can be quite challenging to work with. 3. Your experience will probably be better if you had a good manager. I was unlucky to have had a toxic one. I was heavily micromanaged, constantly chased and workload consistently increased. I witnessed the whole team being in a state of misery and being overworked. It was a very negative vibe and very hard to watch. 4. The organisational structure was quite heavy and not flat. You had high pressure, but everything moved very slowly and was overly complicated. There were many layers and many middle managers who were bad leaders with poor leadership skills. Not sure why this was. There were some strong leaders, but very very few. 5. I found the way the company did performance reviews to be quite outdated. It was based on peer reviews and was done twice a year. Because it was done on a peer basis, most would select peers they got along with or those who would give them good reviews. 6. In general, the environment was very chaotic, disorganised, and lots of last minutes. Lots of silos and duplicate efforts. Everything was broken and nothing worked the way it should. So there were lots of firefighting and troubleshooting for very simple things. Systems and tools were usually made in-house and I found many of them to be outdated. The company liked to create their own tools versus using tools from third parties. There were pros to this, but the downside was that many of them were just outdated and inferior compared with other tools on the market, which can make your day to day job frustrating. 7. Overall I do not recommend Google Cloud and would advise anyone to stay away. But if you are considering, do take caution and know what you are signing up for. Do what you can to find out and decide for yourself."

Current Employee - Partnerships says

"The company seems incapable of getting out of its own way. - It’s a bureaucratic nightmare plagued by tech industry cronyism and internal popularity contests - it’s easier to get ahead if you cozy up to the right people instead of just focusing on doing good work. - It’s homogenous like few other places, despite their efforts to change that. Definitely a straight, white dude’s playground, although generally left leaning straight white dude. - They do harm, frequently and at great scale, though it’s truly abhorrent to them. Goodness just doesn’t scale. - Pay and benefits outside of Mountain View are shockingly bad. - USA-centric is an understatement. They have very little regard for countries outside of North America, and this shows in how poorly resources local teams are. - As a result of the above two points, you work insane hours in EU and get paid a fraction of the compensation given MTV area folks while working literally 2-5X as much."

Current Employee - Sales Manager Cloud says

"This review is about the GOOGLE CLOUD division (everything written below applies solely to Cloud. The other divisions are amazing as usual). Since Google decided to boost Google Cloud Platform in the market, the Company culture is gone: - extreme work pressure, zero work/life balance, no respect for the employees - top management impose a top-down approach: results are expected from everyone without first asking in the field what constraints, challenges and needs are there - managers get attacked on results (assumptions on results are made) and must justify themselves to higher managers who Just joined the Company and do not know the first thing about the context. People are assumed guilty and must defend themselves, instead of being supported in their job. - huge numbers of former Microsoft, IBM, SAP and most traditional companies are being recruited, bringing along the culture of back-stabbing, zero collaboration and old-style attitudes (many don't even manage to use the Internal company tools, resulting in old-style way of working and a lot of time and nerves loss for the other employees). There is NO program to onboard the new old-stylers to the Google culture. - many employees of the former Cloud org have left to other internal divisions or quit Google because they couldn't recognise the Company they used to work for anymore."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"- slow working - you do not grow by being good, but by staying long in the company - ceo who is calling other people to be cockroaches - some people (minority, but still double digit) seems to thinking to be better than others only because they work at Google - Googliness is very relative to the place where you work. There are no consistent rules."

Former Contractor - Sales says

"Good staff, managers are a bit mad think maybe very late nights to blame, paid to much"

Former Employee - Software Engineer III says

"Horrible management. Bad team team spirit visible in poor code quality. Lack of motivation. All offices managed from MTV."

Former Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"- Lack of social skills among most of the engineers makes it a very dull environment to work in. The decor screams 'fun' and 'zany' but the people are anything but. It took real persistence to get basic greetings out of people sometimes. Lots of lonely, isolated, awkward people who seem to rely wholly on Google for their social life - beers at TGI (Thank Google It's) Fridays, Google employee groups/clubs/organisations/networks etc. - TCVs (Temps, Contractors and Vendors) are looked down on as an underclass. The assumption is that as a temp or contractor you're desperate to convert. I was a contractor and although it wasn't true for me, I did see some of this 'Google or Die' attitude among some TCVs and there was the irritating assumption that I would have the same attitude. - Arrogance towards or ignorance of the outside world. Some people couldn't conceive that other places of work could compare to Google. In some cases, it was because they had only ever worked inside the Google bubble, but in some cases it was sheer arrogance and false pride at being a Googler. - Company jargon is sinister and off-putting and contributes to the arrogance of some of its employees - being Googly, being a Googler, Noogler etc."

LPN (Former Employee) says

"This company needs to seriously reevaluate their entire management. NO communication, horrible work load, not to mention the forced on-call policy (AKA the "red-dot" day). During my interview the interviewer never mentioned that I would be forced to be on-call once a week. Just a terrible place to work. Co-workers were fine, but management was horrific. Look somewhere else for a job.NoneEverything"

STNA (Former Employee) says

"Not only is the turn over rate terrible. There is no follow through with management, that is due to the change over in management!! They can't ever keep one DON for more than six months. That doesn't even go to mention the fact that the building is terrible, you can put makeup on ugly but it's just a cover-up! They overwork their staff, and there is absolutely no reward, they even go as far as taking your days off away from you! This company truly doesn't care you give them an inch and they will YANK a mile from you!! My advice is to stay away from this place!!Absolutley nothing!!Everything!!!"

Nurse (Former Employee) says

"Staff is over worked, no raises occur, management staff turn over is high. Direct care staff want to do a good job but its impossible to achieve with multiple job duties they have to do and no management support.noneimpossible job duties and case load."

Certified Nursing Assistant (Current Employee) says

"I have worked with them a month and have never been so poorly treated or seen any resident home with so much infection control misuses in my life. I have seen cross contamination and honesty the labor board and state need to be calle dto inspect the place with no heads up to see what really goes on. I feel horrible for the residents for how poorly treated they get.Bonus pay.. but half the time you dont even get itYou never get breaks and the sanitation is unreal"

Admissions Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Very poor environment. BIG Turnover in staffing, huge turnover in DON and Administrator . LOW census. I was salary and worked on average over 50 hours per week. Upper management is terrible, owner cares only for his paycheck, others below e same. Patient care is in the toilet. Past surveys by state are terrible I was Admission Director, kept census 90% or higher. Never called off, no discipline issues. Building was 100% census and the building still lost $120,000 in one month. My position as well as other buildings admission directors were let go to save money. NO job security, NONE at All They do not pay their bills as well which made it difficult to market in the community.can't think of one darn thingeverything."

LPN (Current Employee) says

"Leadership expecting staff or themselves discontinuing doctor orders for psych meds without consent from the doctor. Leadership stating that they are not here for us staff. At one point, we did not have enough wash cloths for our residents and the Administrator told us to figure it out because she won’t buy us any. Very rude to us staff.They pays us moreDon’t care about us"

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